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UC Care for Microsoft Teams Rooms - One Month Free Transitional Offer

September 6, 2022 at 1:00 AM / by Ryan Herbst

UnifiedCommunications.com is offering customers moving to the new Teams Room Pro license a one month free trial of UC Care for Teams Rooms, our remote managed service built on top of the Teams Room Pro's Device Management capabilities. UC Care includes incident management, technical support, OEM support escalation and RMA case management for replacement components, and optional on-site / last mile coverage.

The free 30 day trial is available to new UC Care customers through 11/30/2022 - click here to enroll.

UnifiedCommunications.com (UC) was Microsoft's 2021 Partner of The Year for Meetings, Calling & Devices and is globally recognized for our deep expertise around Teams Rooms and Surface Hub.

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Ryan Herbst

Written by Ryan Herbst

Ryan Herbst is VP & Chief Device Strategist of UnifiedCommunications.com, the 2021 Microsoft Teams Partner of the Year award for Meetings, Calling, & Devices. He oversees the award-winning Microsoft practice at UnifiedCommunications.com that has been a pioneer in creating great Teams Rooms experiences by partnering with customers to plan, design, and integrate Microsoft Teams Rooms with the best device management strategy. Simply put, our relationships with all certified Microsoft Teams device manufacturers are a huge advantage when selecting your devices.