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Monthly Troubleshooting Q&A July 2020

July 31, 2020 at 10:31 AM / by Craig Milburn posted in Headsets, Troubleshooting


The purpose of this monthly Troubleshooting Q&A is to address and share some of the commonly asked questions that we hear from our end users as we help them solve their toughest issues. We wanted to share and make this knowledge accessible to all of our followers in the event you are experiencing similar issues.

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Biamp Conference Room Bundles Certified for Microsoft Teams

July 9, 2020 at 12:33 PM / by Allie White posted in Press Releases


Image Source: Biamp

Originally Posted by Biamp

BEAVERTON, Ore. — July 9, 2020 — Biamp, a leading supplier of professional audiovisual solutions, today announced that four new conference room audio bundles have been certified for Microsoft Teams, enabling customers to enjoy a complete Biamp audio solution as part of their Microsoft Teams Rooms in medium and large meeting spaces. Each bundle includes Parlé Beamtracking microphones for the tabletop or ceiling, along with all the audio equipment needed to build an outstanding audio experience in Teams Rooms-equipped spaces with zero cable termination and automatic room deployment and configuration.

“Biamp’s new bundles certified for Microsoft Teams lets users enjoy the extraordinary audio quality Biamp is known for with full confidence they meet Microsoft’s stringent requirements for Teams Rooms compatibility and performance,” said Joe Andrulis, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, Biamp. “These complete solutions make getting crystal clear communications faster and more efficient than ever for enterprises using Teams Rooms — even in large and challenging meeting spaces.”

Biamp’s new bundles certified for Microsoft Teams offer customers the advantages of a complete Biamp solution that extend far beyond superior audio. With each bundle, installers benefit from automated system deployment and configuration made possible by the seamless integration of each Biamp component, as well as minimal cable requirements with zero termination, zero network setup, automated EQ, and more. The complete bundles include an easy room deployment tool, meaning integrators don’t even need to open up the Tesira® software platform if they don’t want to — there has never been a more plug-and-play installation for a complete Biamp conferencing and collaboration solution, resulting in significant time savings for integrators.

“Microsoft Teams Rooms for all room sizes need to be easy to setup, and provide the best audio experience possible for people in the room and working remotely,” says Albert Kooiman, Director of Microsoft Teams Devices Partner Engineering and Certification, Microsoft Corp., “Biamp’s audio bundles, now certified for Microsoft Teams, offer our customers a complete audio ecosystem across a range of spaces.”

Parlé microphones use patented Beamtracking technology to create dynamic virtual microphones, which track and intelligently mix conversations from around the room, enabling remote participants to feel just as present as those in the room.

Four new bundles are available for medium and large Teams Rooms spaces, with a choice of ceiling or table microphones. Each bundle contains a TesiraFORTÉ® DSP, TesiraCONNECT, Tesira EX-UBT, and the appropriate quantity of Parlé microphones and Desono C-IC6 loudspeakers for the room size. The bundles also leverage Biamp’s PoE-powered amplifiers with Burst Mode Technology and include all the necessary mounting accessories and category cabling to complete the installation.

Biamp’s combination of advanced technologies, elegant industrial design, and integration of the entire audio signal path — from microphone to speaker — onto a single cable type, ensures that Tesira conference rooms sound better, look better, and are easier to install than any other system. 

To learn more about Biamp’s audio bundles certified for Microsoft Teams, please visit www.biamp.com/microsoft.  

Information on Biamp’s full product portfolio is available at www.biamp.com.

About Biamp

Biamp Systems, LLC is a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems that power the world’s most sophisticated audio/video installations. The company is recognized worldwide for delivering high-quality products and backing each one with a commitment to exceptional customer service. 

Recipient of the Frost & Sullivan 2018 Global Installed Audio Conferencing Enabling Technology Leadership Award, Biamp is dedicated to creating products that drive the evolution of communication through sight and sound. The award-winning Biamp product suite includes: Tesira® media system for digital audio and video networking, Devio® collaboration tool for modern workplaces, Audia® digital audio platform, Nexia® digital signal processors, Vocia® networked public address and voice evacuation system, Cambridge® sound masking solutions, and loudspeakers for installed sound applications from Community Loudspeakers® and Apart Audio®. Each has its own specific feature set that can be customized and integrated in a wide range of applications, including corporate boardrooms, conference centers, huddle rooms, open floor environments, performing arts venues, courtrooms, hospitals, transportation hubs, campuses, retail, hospitality, military and government, and multi-building facilities.

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Poly Studio X Family Now Available with Microsoft Teams

June 30, 2020 at 12:46 PM / by Allie White posted in Press Releases


SANTA CRUZ, Calif., June 30, 2020 – Plantronics, Inc. (“Poly” – formerly Plantronics and Polycom) (NYSE: PLT), a global communications company that powers meaningful human connection and collaboration, today announced that the award-winning Poly Studio X30 and Poly Studio X50 video bars now run Microsoft Teams natively to allow for seamless collaboration for all Teams needs right out of the box, no matter where you may be working.

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Making Learn from Home Work for Your Kids

June 19, 2020 at 4:06 PM / by Andy Hasenyager posted in Remote Work / Work from Home, Distance Learning / Learn from Home


Source: Pexels.com

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EPOS ADAPT Series Now Certified for Microsoft Teams

June 15, 2020 at 5:13 PM / by Allie White posted in Press Releases, EPOS


Source: EPOS

June 15, 2020: EPOS today announces that its four new ADAPT headsets all have been Certified for Microsoft Teams. Building on the core of the ADAPT product line, the four headsets are designed for professionals who need to collaborate and work from several locations on different devices without ever compromising on style or crystal-clear audio regardless of environment

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Huddly IQ Now Microsoft Teams Certified

June 12, 2020 at 11:00 AM / by Megan Sossamon posted in Video Conferencing, Press Releases, Meeting Space Devices


Originally published by Huddly on June 21, 2020.

Huddly is pleased to announce that Huddly IQ is certified as a Microsoft Teams Room Peripheral for small meeting rooms and focus rooms for both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. The camera is also certified as a Microsoft Personal Peripheral for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

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Poly Studio X Family & Poly G7500 Certified for Zoom

June 10, 2020 at 2:30 PM / by Allie White posted in Zoom, Press Releases, Poly


SANTA CRUZ, Calif., June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Plantronics, Inc. ("Poly" – formerly Plantronics and Polycom) (NYSE: PLT), a global communications company that powers meaningful human connection and collaboration, today announced that the Poly Studio X30 and Poly Studio X50 video bars and the Poly G7500 video conferencing system are now the first Zoom Rooms Appliances to receive Zoom certification.

As the first Android-based appliances to offer native Zoom Rooms functionality, the Poly Studio X30, Poly Studio X50, and G7500 video conferencing devices are fully managed via Zoom Device Management (ZDM) and deliver a streamlined out-of-box experience that meet Zoom's standards for audio and video quality. With the addition of the Zoom certification, Poly Studio X family and G7500 combine a full Zoom Rooms experience with Poly's legendary audio and video innovation, including advanced speaker and conversation tracking, NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies to block out unwanted distractions. Additionally, these Zoom Rooms Appliances are developed with security in mind with a hardened operating system, secure update distribution, and third-party testing for security vulnerabilities. 

"Poly and Zoom continue to set the standard in the development of seamless native video collaboration devices," said Tim Root, vice president and general manager of room collaboration business, Poly. "Our collective portfolio of Zoom certified devices makes it easy for users to collaborate from anywhere, with friction-free meetings that customers and IT managers expect."

Only Poly has native video, voice and headset solutions that are purpose-built for Zoom Rooms, Zoom Meetings, and Zoom Phone. Zoom and Poly's device collaboration spans a broadening portfolio of communication solutions to provide ease-of-use for seamless connectivity and collaboration while prioritizing the flexibility and choice in Zoom integrated hardware and software solutions that IT managers need for the most productive workplace. Because Poly's devices are designed for premium audio and video collaboration from any space, the Zoom Rooms certification enables users to operate Zoom-certified devices from wherever they conduct their work, including from their home or remote offices.   

"Zoom is committed to consistently delivering a high quality experience for all use cases and as the first Zoom Rooms appliances to receive Zoom certification, the Poly Studio X family and G7500 will help ensure meetings are seamless and secure," said Jeff Smith, head of Zoom Rooms for Zoom Video Communications, Inc. "Together with Poly, we can deliver a radically simple video experience with technology that is easy to deploy, manage and use so that your meeting remains the focus."

Poly Studio X30, Poly Studio X50, and G7500 video appliances are Zoom Rooms certified now in most regions worldwide. For more information please visit: https://www.poly.com/us/en/solutions/platform/zoom.


About Poly

Plantronics, Inc. ("Poly" – formerly Plantronics and Polycom) (NYSE: PLT) is a global communications company that powers meaningful human connection and collaboration. Poly combines legendary audio expertise and powerful video and conferencing capabilities to overcome the distractions, complexity and distance that make communication in and out of the workplace challenging. Poly believes in solutions that make life easier when they work together and with our partners' services. Our headsets, software, desk phones, audio and video conferencing, analytics and services are used worldwide and are a leading choice for every kind of workspace. For more information visit www.Poly.com.

Poly, the propeller design, and the Poly logo are trademarks of Plantronics, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Video Conferencing in the Era of COVID-19

May 21, 2020 at 4:05 PM / by Nick Pena posted in Remote Work / Work from Home, Microsoft Teams, Video Conferencing


Source: Microsoft

Video conferencing has steadily grown in popularity over the years, achieving a global market size of $3.85 billion USD in 2019. However, with the sudden appearance of the Coronavirus this spring, the demand for video conferencing has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels as more and more employees began working from home

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Poly Introduces the Blackwire 8225 Headset

May 19, 2020 at 11:25 AM / by Megan Sossamon posted in Headsets, Press Releases, Poly


SANTA CRUZ, Calif., May 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Plantronics, Inc. ("Poly" – formerly Plantronics and Polycom) (NYSE: PLT), a global communications company that powers meaningful human connection and collaboration, today unveiled the latest addition to their legendary Blackwire line, Blackwire 8225, a premium corded plug-and-play USB headset. Blackwire 8225 combines advanced audio features to significantly reduce distracting background noise, further enabling today's need to work from anywhere.

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EPOS IMPACT Series Now Certified for Teams

April 29, 2020 at 5:06 PM / by Allie White posted in Press Releases


Source: EPOS

April 29, 2020: The premium audio brand, EPOS – part of the Demant Group, today announces that its range of wired IMPACT headsets all have been certified for Microsoft Teams, thus offering professionals premium audio solutions to enhance their Teams Experience.

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